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Cascade Yarns


Cascade yarns is one of the yarn companies that we supply through our website and despite being one of the biggest companies in North America they are little known in the UK. Below we are going to give you some information about them and also some information on why we stock them.


Who are Cascade?


Well Cascade yarns are one of the biggest yarn companies in North America and they produce a very large range of high quality yarns. If you have not heard of Cascade then you really should have as they have so much to offer. Their popularity in shown by the fact they are the number one yarn on the best knitter’s social network site Ravelry. If you go to the projects section you will see there are over 50,000 projects using Cascade. With that much support they are obviously doing something right. There yarns range from 100% wool to mohair, baby Alpaca and acrylic mix yarns, there is literally something for everyone.


Why Stock Cascade?


Well with the huge popularity of Cascade in North America we thought it was about time their range was bought to the UK and Europe in a big way. We believe that over time we will come to love Cascade just as much as North America.


Some of the reasons Cascade are so great is the choice they offer not only in the yarns they have nut also in the colours. For example one of our favourite yarns and their most popular one, Cascade 220 has over 160 colours to choose from. So if you can’t find a colour you like then you never will! As well as that Cascade are great value for money. When you compare their yarns to other similar ones on the market then you will see their yarns go a long way for the price.


These are probably the same reasons that have made Cascade so popular with people in North America. When you see a yarn that is great quality but also the price represents great value then it is definitely worth trying.


If you are considering Cascade as an option then we would recommend their 220 yarn as it is 100% Peruvian wool as is an Aran weight. Also the reason for the name is that it is 220 yards in length which means that just one of their 100g skeins is equivalent to 3 of many of the Aran weight 50g balls. When you see the price you will see why we recommend it. As well as that with a choice of over 160 colours you will be able to get the shade just right for you to make that perfect garment.


We would also suggest you check out Ravelry, see what others think about it and what they are using it for. That will give you a good idea why it is so popular and maybe inspire you for your next project.


You can buy Cascade Yarns from this website.